About us

We administer State taxation and revenue programs for and on behalf of the people of New South Wales (NSW). We collect revenue and outstanding fines, manage overdue debt, help develop policy and implement legislation. We also administer grants and subsidies to provide valuable assistance to families and enterprises across the State.

The revenue we collect is used to fund schools, hospitals and other public services for the people of NSW.

Our ABN is 77 456 270 638.

Our vision

Proudly delivering public value through fair and progressive service.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to:

  • help fund the future of the people of NSW by collecting revenue
  • support communities and the economy by administering grants
  • contribute to a safer more orderly society by managing fines.

Our values

We have four key values:

  • responsiveness – we anticipate and respond appropriately
  • integrity – we always do the right thing
  • teamwork – we work together to get the best results
  • achievement – we get the job done.

Our objectives

Our objectives are:

  • Value for money - Deliver value for money for the people of NSW.
  • Effective compliance - Improve compliance by enhancing NSW tax, fine and benefits processes.
  • Quality client service - Provide quality client services.
  • Reduce overdue debt - Overdue debt is managed effectively and resolved promptly.
  • Capable people - An agile organisation of capable, engaged and accountable people.

Our strategic plan

The OSR Strategic Plan (PDF) sets out our future direction and goals for the period July 2011 to June 2014.

Last updated: 7 November 2013